How long after a chiropractic adjustment should i feel better?

Surprisingly, approximately two-thirds of our patients report some improvement after the first chiropractic adjustment. Most of the rest will be in the first one to three weeks, after several more treatments. This really depends on the person, but many people feel better immediately after adjusting. If your body has been out of alignment for a long time, then re-aligning will feel good, and you may also feel more relaxed and flexible afterwards.

Some may feel tired, others may feel pain, pain, or pressure in certain areas. While no studies have been conducted to determine the actual rate of stroke after chiropractic neck manipulation, several authors have reported a very rare incidence rate of stroke during chiropractic adjustment treatments that include statements such as, there are probably fewer of a death of this nature of several tens of millions of manipulations. During treatment by a chiropractic physician for spinal disorder or subluxations, the patient receiving the chiropractic adjustment may experience certain reactions.

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